power games
WARNING: contains possible triggers.
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♛ Manipulation ♛

01 ( MIND GAMES ) you're messing with this person's head, using whatever you know about them to your advantage. words are barbs, and everyone has a weakness.

02 ( STAY CLOSE TO ME ) you're not letting this person out of your sight and you don't care what extreme measures you have to go to in order to do it.

03 ( BLACKMAIL ) you know something and you're not afraid to use it against them. now they have to do what you want.

04 ( LOVE MAKES YOU DO THINGS ) it's because you love them that you're making them do this. if they truly loved you, wouldn't they do as you say?

05 ( FOR YOUR OWN GOOD ) it doesn't matter what the other person wants. you know what's best, and you're going to force it on them whether they like it or not.

06 ( BREAK YOU DOWN ) you're going to make the other person think they're worthless. crush their self-esteem, break them until they're entirely helpless.

07 ( BETRAYAL ) you made a promise, and you broke it. Or perhaps you betrayed this person's trust. it's all part of gaining the upper hand.

08 ( LIES, LIES, LIES ) fool the other person with words and you'll have them wrapped around your finger in no time.

09 ( SOB STORY ) a little bit of emotional manipulation never hurt anyone, right? you're going to use this person's feelings for you against them. make them feel sorry.

10 ( IN YOUR DEBT ) look, you saved them. the other person wouldn't be here without you. they should show some gratitude.

11 ( I NEED YOU ) you're depending on the other person to do as you say. they're the only one who can help.


♚ Mastery ♚

01 ( PRETTY LITTLE PUPPET ) you can command this person at will. they're a plaything, to do with as you please.

02 ( YOU'RE MINE ) you own this person, and you're going to make sure they know it.

03 ( NO ESCAPE ) maybe you've locked the other person up somewhere, maybe you've got them in chains. either way, they're not going anywhere.

04 ( PUT IN YOUR PLACE ) that's it. the other person made one too many caustic comments, got in your way one last time. now you're going to show them who's boss.

05 ( FORCE OF STRENGTH ) nothing like a good old fashioned brawl to really prove who's stronger.

06 ( CORNERED ) finally, you've got them alone. this is the moment you've been waiting for — and perhaps the moment they've been dreading.

07 ( TURNING THE TABLES ) they thought they'd won, but here's your chance! maybe it's time to give them a taste of their own medicine, or maybe you have a new trick up your sleeve.

08 ( PUNISHMENT ) the other person has done something wrong, or maybe just something you don't like. now you're going to punish them.

09 ( BACK AND FORTH ) I have a laser gun! Well, I have a lightsaber! whatever it is, you're closely matched and trying to outdo each other.

10 ( MAKE THEM BEG ) you hold all the power and whatever it is they want or need, you're going to make them beg for it.

11 ( CALL MY BLUFF ) you're making claims you can't back up. can you bluff your way out of this, or will the other person catch on?


( optional ) ☙ Relationship ❧
01 ( LOVERS )
03 ( FRIENDS )
04 ( ENEMIES )